Cast your eyes upon our motley collection of contributors, associates and well-wishers (those who don’t wish us any specific harm):

Ryan Siacci

Ryan is a traveler, adventurer, trad climber, aspiring alpinist and writer. Although not a leader in the field of Dirtbagging proper, he is considered one of the World’s foremost Dirtbagologists. Originally hailing from Brisbane, Ryan enjoys the outdoors, beer and writing about himself in the third person.

Morag Stewart
Contributing Editor

It has been alleged that Morag is the brains behind the operation. Her other considerable talents include the masochistic art of crack climbing, as well as the ascent of all things thin and technical… and that’s not even mentioning her amazing energy ball recipe! A freshwater ecologist by trade, her passion for the environment is a natural bedfellow for her passion for outdoor sports.

Marisa Stewart

After her first outing to Mt Ngungun in the Glasshouse Mountains, Marisa took to climbing like a duck to water… a lame duck without style or finesse, she claims. Still, it’s better than taking to water like a duck to climbing. The vertical world not only provides Marisa with various waterfowl related analogies, but also an opportunity to meet like-minded folk, to explore the natural environment, and to learn much more about herself.