Not so long ago, I had a very detailed and rather spirited conversation about belay loops. This has to be one of the most esoteric and mundane discussions in the history of mankind, and yet I genuinely enjoyed it at the time. What can I say? I really like climbing, and if you find yourself similarly obsessed, you’ve come to the right place.

But that’s only half of the deal, because I believe that rabid zeal is best served with an equal measure of irreverence. Just because climbing is so absorbing and addictive, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t inherently pointless. You see, climbing is a lot like life – sometimes fun, sometimes scary, occasionally meaningful, always absurd. This blog embraces each and all of those facets, seeking to inform, educate, provoke and entertain, all the while remembering that climbing on rocks, snow or ice is patently ridiculous.

Founded in 2014, Zen and the Art of Climbing is an Australian-made blog that offers premium quality climbing gibberish at a price sure to please even the most degenerate of dirtbags (e.g. free). Based in South East Queensland, I’m just as stoked climbing at home or abroad, so my stories come from near and afar. As an independent production, the blog receives no advertising revenue or sponsorship contracts, but I’m proud to support local businesses such as Pinnacle Sports and Awesome Woodys who do great things for our community.

Welcome aboard, and don’t forget the golden rules – climb hard, look good, stay safe, and most importantly, don’t take it too seriously.

Ryan Siacci, Esq.