¿Dónde estamos?

Where are we now? Here’s the journey at a glance…


With the car fixed, we were able to make a long and extremely tedious traverse through the Argentine flatlands to Curitiba, Brazil. Here, our friend Lindsay lives with Jose Luis, a local climbing legend who will act as our guide to point us in the direction of granite uber classics. I told them if I climb a single bad pitch, I’m going home… and although we only got three climbs in the first morning before the rain came, we’re currently on a 3 from 3 success ratio. Not bad.

Distance Driven: 25,600 km
Routes climbed: 178
Vertical distance climbed: 11,181 m

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The budget has been updated for August 2018. You can find it here.

Stay sendy, folks.
Ryan and Morag – Zen and the Art of Climbing